Sunday, January 17, 2010

Our Home from Home

We finally got to our lodging, which is the Volunteer House.  A three story building across the street from the Mercy Hospital.  We were quite surprised to see where we were sleeping.

Wendy and I noticed that it was not at all like the picture that was on the website.  We were a little surprised that we were all staying in the same room.  Unbeknownst to us that the men and women were supposed to be separated. And eventually the
men moved to a different room.  We did make the best of it and I was sad to see my husband move to another room.

The beds were quite uncomfortable and the bathrooms was something we had to get used to.  The hot water only lasted a minute or two. So we had to conserve the hot water so it could last for everyone to take a shower.  We could not drink the water, so we had to brush our teeth with bottled water.

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