Saturday, January 23, 2010

Mother Theresa's Home and Orphanage

We visited to Mother Theresa's home and orphanage.  We attended Mass which was at 6 am with many of the volunteers and the Sisters that live at this house.  Mother Theresa  is also buried here.  She established the Missionaries of Charity that takes care of the orphans, disabled and the dying.  There are volunteers from all over the world that come and serve.  


The Missionaries of Charity at Premdan is one of the Mother Theresa homes.  This specific home is for adults that are dying.  We volunteered there and helped with caring for the residents.  We did everything from changing dirty bed linens, to changing the their clothes, taking them to the toilet and serving them their dinner.  We also washed all the dishes. The men and women are separated in 2 different wards.  Photography is not allowed at any of the homes. 

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