Sunday, January 17, 2010


L-R Front Row:  Joey, Daryl, Pastor Janelle, Alexa
Back Row:  Bill, Gerald, Wendy
We'll we're finally on our way.  Good bye Maui....Calcutta here we come

It's been a long trip and many hours later we've landed in Calcutta.  Our ride to the Calcutta Mercy guest house took us through the city where taxis and cars were en mass.  We have been busy catching up on our schedules for the next two weeks, which changes by the day.   The people here are similar about hurries or worries.

We were all thankful that we got here safely and so did ALL of our luggage.  We were met by a team from the Calcutta Mercy Ministries to take us to the volunteer house located 45 minutes from the airport.

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